• The Aegean
    The Aegean Region is the only region in Turkey which opens extensively to the sea. It covers some 11 percent of Turkey’s land with a surface area of approximately 79,000 km2. The region, which is in the west of Anatolia, takes its name from the adjacent sea.
    Izmir, Aydin, Manisa & Kutahya Provinces & Usak Province, excluding some small sections, are completely within the borders of the region. Some sections of Mugla, Denizli & Afyon Provinces are included in the Mediterranean or Central Anatolia Regions.The Aegean Region is in second place after the Marmara Region in industrial activities. The region produces more than one third of the grapes & %70 of the figs in Turkey. A total of %48 of the olive trees in Turkey are in this region. Citrus fruits are among the important export items of the region. Tourism is also very developed in the Aegean Region. It contributes considerably to the economy of the region. Throughout the Aegean shores which have “the most beautiful skies & the best climate in the world” (according to the famous historian Herodotus of Bodrum) bays, peninsulas, coves, islands & fine sandy beaches follow one another. Ancient cities famous for their theatres, temples, agoras & fortresses are encountered at every step taken in the region, which has lived intimately with innumerable mythological subjects for centuries. These cities constituted the foundation of the Western civilization with their successful performances realized in the tunnel of time in the fields of city planning, philosophy, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, architecture & art.
  • Black Sea Region
    From the European border with Bulgaria to the Georgian border, dense pine forests cover the mountaintops while lush vegetation & bountiful crops grow in the lower elevations & valleys. Along the coastline, mile after mile of beautiful un-crowded beaches offer sun, swimming & relaxation. In the springtime, delicate wild-flower blossoms carpet the rolling meadows of the eastern hills. The wooden houses in fishing villages & mountain hamlets alike preserve indigenous & traditional architectural styles. The humid climate & fertile soil encourage cultivation of a variety of crops including tea, tobacco, corn & hazelnuts. The magic of such a diverse landscape proves irresistible to any friend of nature, whether hiker or mountain climber or canoe enthusiast; whether you go in by mountain bike or by jeep safari. The region is very mountainous & is heavily forested, while the highest parts of the mountains are covered with alpine meadows, glacier lakes & glaciers. It occupies much of the country’s northern (Black Sea) coast, while the rest of it is part of Marmara Region.
  • Central Anatolia Region
    Being in the centre of Turkey, Central Anatolian Region embodies assorted beauties. Having been witness to the transitions of important civilizations, today the region is the political center of Turkey. This central region is now the heart of modern Turkey’s political life & has been the centre of many significant societies & civilizations throughout history. The main cities in this region are Ankara, Cankiri, Eskisehir, Kayseri, Kirsehir, Konya, Nevsehir, Nigde, Sivas, Yozgat. Ankara, the modern day capital, is located squarely in the middle of Central Anatolia & has been planned & developed for a contemporary society. The most visually impressive structure here is the Anitkabir mausoleum built for Ataturk, who founded the modern Republic of Turkey by winning the War for Independence & then made Ankara its capital. In the center of the region, Cappadocia of Nevsehir is a place with bizarre natural wonders called fairy chimneys. Cappadocia region, with thousands of years of history is one of the most visited attractions in Turkey.
  • The Marmara Region
    Hills of various sizes, fields of sunflowers & vineyards as far as the eye can see. Trakya constituting the European side of Turkey. The region separated from Anatolia by Istanbul straits, The Sea of Marmara & the Dardanelles. A traveller from Europe on his/her arrival to Edirne first encounters the masterpiece of Mimar Sinan, Selimiye Mosque. This province boasts to have the most authentic works of Ottoman architecture. The Roman province of Trakya (Thrace) is separated from the rest of Turkey by the Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmara & the Dardanelle Straits. Edirne, lying close to the borders of Greece & Bulgaria, is best known for the masterpieces of local architect Mimar Sinan, with wonderful examples from the Ottoman Empire. The area is also famous for the lush rolling fields, filled with vineyards & sunflowers grown for their seeds & oil. The cities in this region are Balikesir, Bilecik, Bursa, Canakkale, Edirne, Istanbul, Kirklareli, Kocaeli, Sakarya,Tekirdag & Yalova.
  • The Mediterranean Region
    South of the majestic Taurus Mountains lie on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with its beaches of fine sand, vistas of rare & rugged beauty, many ancient ruins, hidden coves & alluring vacation getaways. The region is bathed in sunshine 300 days a year & is a paradise for swimming, sunbathing & water sports. You can also explore important historical sites dating back thousands of years, set in a landscape of pine forests & citrus groves & learn about the mythology that is intertwined with the area. The Mediterranean coast is as full of antique artefacts as the Aegean. In the ancient Lycian region, west of Antalya, you can experience the beauty of the mountain cities of Termessos & Arikand, as well as the coastal towns such as Olympus, Kale, Kekova & Kas. The ancient cities of Perge, Aspendos & Side are located on the coastal plane east of Antalya, originally called Pamphylia.

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